Alcohol Abuse – Different stages of hell

Medicine doesn’t recognize different stages of alcoholism. It recognizes it as addiction, and the treatment process is same for all people. Other professionals that deal with alcoholics created an eleven-stage approach to alcohol abuse. This makes it easier for many of them to approach an addict and help them overcome their problem.

My research concluded with the fact that everyone reacts to alcohol differently. Treating everyone same doesn’t work as different people lose their will to alcohol at different speeds. The classification helps professionals in their attempts to help addicts.

I also noticed that some people have a spiraling fall through those classes, while others tend to stay at one stage for the majority of their drinking life. It seems that everything revolves around the quality of life. Those that enjoy life tend to drink less, while individuals with problems rely on alcohol to forget about issues that press hard on them.

Alcoholism and mental state – Life-destroying connection

AnalyzingIf you look at alcohol as a way out of the issues, like I did, then you will also notice that it has a strong connection with the mental state of an individual. This is a two-way relationship that can doom a person.

People who have problems that aren’t easy to solve get stressed a lot and the alcohol is one of the ways to deal with the stress. It makes people forget how much trouble they are facing. It also clouds the judgment, and those people can’t face the obstacles in their life due to alcohol. People like this tend to keep on drinking because their mental state deteriorates with the number of problems that pile up. More issues result in more stress. The increase in pressure pushes them even further toward the alcohol, and they become alcoholics.

Alcoholism and mental state – Life-destroying connectionI have performed my research on alcoholism in Ohio, the state from which I hail from. I found out that people who drink a lot have strong reasons for that. Their life revolves around drinking alcohol to forget about everything else. It is hard for them to stop as they see alcohol as a solution rather than a problem.

On the other hand, you have people who drink in moderate amounts. They aren’t alcoholics because they don’t rely on alcohol in any way. Drinking once in a while and moderate amounts won’t cause any permanent damage to the mental state. The fine line between a drinker and an alcoholic is something you should never cross.