Analyzing The Stages Of Alcoholism

Every person starts drinking because they have nothing better to do while sitting with friends. Alcohol is an excellent way to pass the time and getting mildly drunk improves the mood. Drinking now and then isn’t bad because you won’t become addicted to alcohol. But the line between habit and addiction is blurry, and you may pass it without even realizing that you did it.

Alcoholism – A progressive disease

Every addiction is a progressive disease and alcoholism falls in this group as it causes both psychological and physical dependence. It catches people unaware, and it is hard for those affected to recognize the problem. It is too late to stop even when they realize it.

People with an open mind will realize that they have problems and stop before it is too late. Those that are plagued with other issues will miss on that. I did some research on alcoholism, and this allowed me to recognize an alcoholic in a matter of several hours. You can do that as well if you learn about signs that reveal alcohol addiction.

An alcoholic has a strong urge to alcohol. They crave for it and will use any chance they get to drink it. They also don’t have the willpower and strength to stop drinking once they start. You can recognize an alcoholic if they have to consume large quantities of alcohol to get drunk. So, if your friend has a high tolerance to alcohol, then they have a severe addiction problem.

Another easy way to recognize an alcoholic is when they aren’t drinking. If they experience uncontrollable sweating, nausea, and shakiness, then they have an issue. If that stops once they drink a pin or two, then the alcohol got under their skin, and they developed a physical addiction to it.

Progressive disease can be defeated with ease

You can beat a progressive condition without too much effort. The secret is in the early stages of addiction. Recognizing that you might have an issue is the first step toward being sober. If you stop drinking and the withdrawal process isn’t painful, then you can stop drinking without any problems except for some discomfort.

Progressive disease can be defeated with easePeople can stop drinking even in later stages of alcoholism. Support groups are essential for this. You can find dozens upon dozens of these organizations throughout the state of Ohio. So, if you want to stop, then there are people that will help you with that.